Deborah Meis recently returned from an incredible 6 ½ week European tour with her professional ballet company, where they performed 24 times in 19 cities across Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, and Austria.

Physically and mentally Deborah felt great thanks to Pro Vitality, NeoLifeShakes, and Vitamin C. “My body stayed strong and I had so much energy,” says Meis.

There was a time when one of their accommodations wasn’t quite the cleanest and Deborah caught a little cold that lasted a few days; but even then, she still felt energetic. She remembers telling some of her fellow dancers that she had just been getting over a cold and they said they didn’t even notice she was sick–especially because she had remained so joyful and appeared so full of life even during her cold!

“It is especially hard on tour to keep our bodies in shape because of the constant travel and not having the proper workout facility to take class everyday. Many dancers on my team suffered from injuries: joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons bothering them, but I had no problems the whole trip,” says Deborah.

Deborah began dancing at the age of five and is now a professional ballerina. Over the years, NeoLife Nutritionals have proven to be an essential part of her training.

Her mother, NeoLife Distributor, Lani Meis, says, “it is important that her brain is sharp and working quickly being at the top level she is at, because when she is pushing her body to do something extra, it needs to be given something extra.”

Taking several Salmon Oil and Tre-en-en capsules before each ballet practice and performance helps Deborah with brain retention during her strenuous and complicated routines. “It is amazing how much it helps her focus and retain. With these vitamins Deborah can overcome any processing difficulties,” says Lani.

"I am proud to say my body is solid because of NeoLife products—I cannot even imagine what condition my body would be in without these incredible products. Thank you NeoLife!" –Deborah Meis

Favorite Products

Product Impact

The type of training I undergo is very physically and mentally demanding. The NeoLife supplements allow my body to perform to its maximum potential. Dancers are known for their many injuries as we ask our joints and muscles to do much more than they were designed to do. I am able to maintain excellent health, necessary energy and mental acuity.

NeoLifeShake is my breakfast meal replacement before I begin my intense drills for the day. The protein enables my body to maintain high-energy output. It also helps repair sore and tired muscles.

ProVitality helps with focus, memory, and concentration, which is very necessary for me to pick up difficult and lengthy choreography.

Acidophilus Plus nurtures my digestion. My mom had me start taking Acidophilus Plus due to some digestive challenges and 7 years later I have healthy digestion! It's very nice and relieving.

I also take vitamin C to keep my immune system protected.

The NeoLife Nutritionals have helped extensively in my participation this past year in the Ballet Magnificat! Trainee Program. They keep me alert and boost my energy when I need it. Taking Pro Vitality, Acidophilus Plus, and Beta-Zyme helped me tremendously on tour.