Long before the sun rises in Kingston, Jamaica, Sakima Mullings begins his daily training. 4am runs with alternate wind sprints and hill work need to be completed before his regular workday starts. After work, he commits to another 2-3 hours of exercise with sparring, shadow-boxing, and strength conditioning.

Hard work and sound nutrition have resulted in success—Sakima is the Commonwealth Zonal Middleweight Champion and has a professional boxing record of 18 and 2 with 13 knockouts. He also recently competed in the The Wray & Nephew Contender Competition, and was the champion.

Product Impact

Pro Vitality makes me feel stronger and more energized. Before I started taking Full Motion, I was constantly fighting against irritation and discomfort with my knee. Now I can train full force without pain. NouriShake provides the protein I need to repair and replenish my muscles—so I can be ready for the next day’s workout.

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